Register online for your class by choosing the painting that you would like to paint on a particular day by clicking on the painting on the calendar. Every day we will select a different mantra music to set up the energy in the room. Through the power of music and color we will work on concentration, stress relieve, open minding, communication, positive energy and more.

The classes range from 2-3 hours long and the price is 35lv.
You can pay by using Easy pay or trough online banking.
Once your booking is confirmed you are all set!

When you come in, we’ll ask for your name to check you in. (Please try to come to class 15 to 20 minutes early) You will get your drink (it’s complimentary), choose your seat and get comfortable. The class will start once everybody is seated.
The artist will begin the class by going over how to mix the colors, use blending techniques and brush strokes, then give a step-by-step process of building the painting.

No experience is necessary!

You can take breaks any time, step back from your paintings, get a refill and socialize. (If you would like a refill, every next drink is 5lv. each).

The paintings should dry quickly and you will leave with your own masterpiece.

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